Real Estate Reinvented

Redefining and revolutionizing how the real estate process works.

Majestic World Holdings is changing real estate forever. Committed to consumer driven solutions that are leveraged by technology and our commitment to save our clients time, money, and heartache.

Through the development of a powerful next generation intelligent platform we are leveraging technology to deliver consumers a robust & engaging home buying experience that saves them and our agents time & money when buying, selling or investing in real estate.

Our key Advantage's

[01]   Consumer Driven

Over the last decade innovations in real estate have largely focused on the creation of tools for industry professionals. Majestic is working to change the consumer experience and make transactions more simple, secure and transparent.

[02]   Building a Wealthy Community

At Majestic we believe in rewarding the people that work to make us a global leader. With that in mind Majestic has pioneered several new opportunities for our agents, employees, customers and investors to benefit from our growth.

[03]   REO Default Services

The Majestic platform offers an all in one money saving solution for institutional clients with both large and small REO default portfolios

[04]   Cutting Edge Currency Integration

Majestic has the ability through our partnerships to facilitate transactions and pay our agents in a variety of traditional and crypto currencies.

Meet the Experts

Matthew Barstow
President/CEO Director

Matthew graduated with his Master of Architecture degree from The University of New Mexico and went on to be the CEO of Keller Williams Albuquerque where his group achieved $1.1 Billion in annual real estate transactions. Matthew has over 20 Years of Real Estate Experience, and has successfully recruited, trained and coached over 600 real estate agents. Additionally, Matthew has built and managed sales teams in relationship marketing of as many as 10,000 sales people, spanning six countries. Matthew’s diverse professional background also took him to Washington DC where he served as the 56th President of The American Institute of Architecture Students, and was honored with the Richard UpJohn Fellowship (AIA) for his service on The American Institute of Architect’s national board of directors. Additionally, he is an experienced digital designer, 3D metaverse modeler, and business developer.

Michael Combs
Vice-President/COO Director

Michael graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management in 1993. He has over 28 years of Real Estate Experience and serves as our companies Licensed Responsible Broker in 5 states(Arizona, California, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah). After the market crash in 2008, Michael lead his skilled team of REO experts in representing dozens of banks and lending institutions in the resale of hundreds of their default REO properties, including the handling of specialized tasks during the eviction, acquisition, marketing and closing phases in addition to pre-marketing, contract and closing, vendor management and buyer servicing. Michael eventually opened his own brokerage in 2015, while maintaining #1 in company wide real estate sales in 2015, 2016 and 2018.

Bryan Parks
Vice-President CTO

Bryan Parks, the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) leads the Majestic Reality Group’s technology program. Mr. Parks is accountable for the company's strategy, formulation, development and cross-functional delivery of Majestic Technologies software portfolio. Mr. Parks with collaboration with Matt Barstow (CEO), explores emerging technologies, assesses their impact on the company’s business, prototypes and evaluates new concepts, and recommends new strategies and solutions. Prior to his role leading Majestic Reality Group’s technology program, Bryan was recruited by the CEO of WorldPac and was responsible for developing and implementing latest technology and customer centric initiatives driving sales from 3 to 6 Billion through the SpeedDial eCommerce platform. Mr. Parks has over 25 years’ experience in in creating technology companies from concept to a successful exit. Bryan was one of the first to develop and launch an automotive eCommerce platform in 1998 and seeing growth over the next ten years to over 200 million in sales. In that time, he also developed cross platform XML technology that allowed for catalog and product data to be shared throughout the entire automotive vertical supply chain.

Rudy Beserra

Rudy M. Beserra was the Vice President of Latin Affairs for The Coca-Cola Company. Mr. Beserra has made his career as an advocate and voice for the Latino community. Since 1989, Mr.Beserra has strengthened Coca-Cola’s bridge to hundreds of Latino organizations and small businesses in the US Prior to Coca-Cola, Mr.Beserra was Special Assistant to President Ronald Reagan on Latino and small business affairs. Mr.Beserra is an active member of a number of prominent Latino focused organizations, including LULAC (League of Latin American Citizens), the National Hispanic Caucus of State Legislators, and the University of Texas-Pan American Foundation Board of Trustees. Mr. Beserra is a past chairman of the Hispanic Scholarship Fund. In 2-11 , Mr.Beserra received the NFL Hispanic Heritage Leadership Award. Also in 2011, Mr.Beserra was awarded the Hector Barreto “Con Ganas” Award at the USHCC (United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce) convention in Miami, FL for his advocacy promoting Latino businesses in the private sector. A native of Albuquerque, New Mexico, Mr. Beserra lives in Atlanta with his wife and two daughters.

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